Super moon – SOOC

Finally had a chance to take some photos. It was cool and breezy, and would have been nice to have a nice camera … but still my little point and shoot did okay. I have added a tripod to my “gift list”. Both photos taken at Alsea Bay and Lint Slough, Waldport, Oregon.


SOOC: Humor

Local man caught transporting dead snowman through town.
No arrests were made as the evidence melted.
License plate blacked out to protect the snowman’s family.

Theme: Inviting

It is currently March 12, 2012. March. Not December. But this is what my front yard looks like. It is inviting. It’s very quiet outside and the snow is drifting down and settling on the ground, and yes, I have this desire to go out and make snow angels. These are SOOC shots, and it was dark and cold on my porch, so I made no adjustments to any settings. I just shivered, pointed and clicked.

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Theme: Nuisances

Spotted this delectable (!?!) nuisance while out for a drive the other day. We’d stopped so I could try to capture a shot of a waterfall (it’s coming in a post or so), and there was this beauty creeping along in all his (her?) gooey, slimy glory. They are most definitely a nuisance to the garden. This is SOOC:

Theme: Kitchen – SOOC

They might not have baked this at the Whistle Stop Café, but it sure is delicious. I used Lyle’s Golden Syrup in place of the honey, and added 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp allspice. Next time I’m going to add 1/2 C chopped walnuts and maybe some raisins.

PS: I so love her recipes, I bought her cookbook. I’m 2/3 through reading it and I’d like to bake everything in the book!


Challenge post #16

Theme: Isolation and SOOC

Drove down to Bayshore to view the sand damage from our recent “hurricane force” wind storm. There is sand everywhere, and that’s saying something since Bayshore is built on a sand spit. Still, it’s amazing to view. The 2 lane street is now 1 lane in most spots, and sometimes barely that; driving over the sand is a bit like driving over fresh snow as it crunched under our tires and the car slipped in places. As we drove around we could see the sand swirling on the breeze and landing someplace new, creating another mini-dune.

These photos were all taken from inside the car as the sand was too high and close to the car to even consider getting out in most spots.

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SOOC: photos were cropped, sig added, but no retouching, no adjustments for my habit of tipping my camera to one side, etc. What you see is what I snapped.

A close up of the mailboxes is here.

This map shows where we were down in the tip.