Topaz Tuesday: Wild Irises

Wild Irises, shot along a walking path at Yaquina Head Lighthouse. First the original. The after, along with steps taken, is below.



Topaz Adjust / Spicify & Topaz Simplify / BuzSim

The idea came from a Topaz Flicker group and I modified the steps. Here’s what I did:
1. Duplicated the background layer.
2. Topaz Adjust / Spicify set to default settings. Click okay/
3. In PS, layer opacity set to 65 or there abouts
4. Duplicated background layer, moved to top. Topaz Simplify / BuzSim set to default settings, accept/click okay.
5. Oval marquee tool, set feather to 20. Selected area with irises, select inverse.
6. Copied selected area to new layer (command-J on Mac), layer mode to darken.
7. I copied (command-J) the selected area to a new layer and set mode to darken.
8. Deleted “BuzSim” layer and flattened all the layers.


11 comments on “Topaz Tuesday: Wild Irises

  1. lynn says:

    I really like the subtle difference with your topaz’ing /:>) I need to do more than watch tutorials…

  2. danudin says:

    When Iris eyes are smiling……!

  3. thellino says:

    Very well done!

  4. Tammy says:

    Thanks for sharing your processing secrets…need to try that…I like how it deepened the colors and gave it such an artistic flare!

  5. birdgardenau says:

    Thanks for sharing the changes – we all learn something new 🙂
    Iris (sometimes wild)

  6. hmca14 says:

    So nice of you to share your steps….really like Simplify.

  7. Steve says:

    Nicely done…good result

  8. PC PHOTO says:

    Good job, keeping workflow references is smart!

  9. Good technique, thanks

  10. eyephotos says:

    Love the way the iris’ pop after the processing.

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