18: Theme: colors

Colorful citrus

Difficult to photograph, and I know my camera and I didn’t do justice to this luscious citrus. I tried 4 different settings:

  • Automatic (washed out)
  •  Fluorescent: warm-white fluorescent, cool-white fluorescent, warm-white-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting (everything was super green)
  •  Fluorescent H: daylight fluorescent, daylight-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting (washed out)
  • Tungsten (Tungsten, bulb-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting (shown above)

The “Tungsten” setting is very close to the actual colors. Without a fancy camera, I’m guessing it’s a bit hard to photograph anything in a store; and if they switch to LED lighting during their remodel, it might be harder yet. Still, they didn’t object to my taking pics, so I give them extra points for that. The only thing I did to the photo was Topaz Simplify: crisp edge.

12 comments on “18: Theme: colors

  1. Danudin says:

    When enlarged I would say you have done wonders with the colours for an inside shot!

  2. Cathy says:

    I agree with Ron, well done.

  3. thellinoTony says:

    Yes, well done, these are kind of pastel colors …

  4. hmca14 says:

    I agree, when enlarged the color seems to match what I see in my market.

  5. Steve says:

    I agree with all the previous comments….the colours are how I would imagine them…good work

  6. John & Lois says:

    Perfect colors . . . I can almost taste the tangy sweet citrus.

  7. PC PHOTO says:

    You may be judging yourself to harshly, I think the colors are realistic. Your composition is so good showing off the leading lines.

  8. lyur says:

    these look real real tp me too, neat photo

  9. kim andrew says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comments. Maybe I should have bought some of the fruit? LOL

  10. Iris (Rose) says:

    The colours look great – variations on orange – and I like the lines and boxes within the image too.

  11. Bobbie says:

    I like the patterns here, punctuated by that one sliced fruit.

  12. Tammy says:

    You did a great job of capturing the color you actually see in the store…it has to be enlarged to fully appreciate it!

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