Theme: Travel

Well, I’m back. We’ve done a little traveling, but not to anywhere exotic. Plus I’ve been studying, attending meetings, baking cakes and cookies, and I topped the month off with a fall down the stairs. I’m here to say the garage floor is cold and hard, but since I didn’t break any bones I’m very thankful. 🙂  Back to pictures. Two to share, both done following the sketching lesson. Personally, I think it’s easier, cleaner, faster, nicer to use Topaz to sketch (*big grins*), but I did learn more things about photoshop by doing the lesson. I don’t really care for either of these “sketches”, but I bow to hubby’s artistic eye and share them:

One can definitely travel in style in this beauty:

We traveled up the road, and then back in time to enjoy breakfast at this restaurant. It’s “Lovin’ Spoonfuls” in Lincoln City, OR.

Just so you can enjoy the flower power of “Lovin’ Spoonfuls”.

The food is great, the interior décor is totally the “60’s”, and you should stop by for eats if you are in the area.


Theme: Isolation and SOOC

Drove down to Bayshore to view the sand damage from our recent “hurricane force” wind storm. There is sand everywhere, and that’s saying something since Bayshore is built on a sand spit. Still, it’s amazing to view. The 2 lane street is now 1 lane in most spots, and sometimes barely that; driving over the sand is a bit like driving over fresh snow as it crunched under our tires and the car slipped in places. As we drove around we could see the sand swirling on the breeze and landing someplace new, creating another mini-dune.

These photos were all taken from inside the car as the sand was too high and close to the car to even consider getting out in most spots.

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SOOC: photos were cropped, sig added, but no retouching, no adjustments for my habit of tipping my camera to one side, etc. What you see is what I snapped.

A close up of the mailboxes is here.

This map shows where we were down in the tip.